Eye On The Future

Springfield Electric is constantly aware of the challenges and opportunities facing the electric utility industry such as solar, fuel cells, and energy storage, customer-owned generation, environmental regulations, terrorists threats, and others.  We feel our best insurance against any threat is to strengthen our relationships with our customers.  Customer service, reliability, and local control are just a few strengths of the public power model and these strengths will sustain us for years to come.  The department is constantly taking measures to improve our customer service through shorter response time, an outage management system, more on-line service options, and customer appreciation events.  We also feel that reliability will be a key issue in a customer-choice environment, and we are continuously maintaining our system through substation maintenance, equipment testing, tree trimming, pole replacements, and conductor replacements.

​It is also our goal to offer more services and programs to a larger customer base than ever before.  Our feedback section allows customers to make new service requests, inquiries, and complaints 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because customers may one day have a choice of power suppliers, we hope to build and maintain customer loyalty through excellent customer service, reliable power supply, and low rates.

​Lastly, employee safety must never be comprised to accomplish any goal.  It is the goal of the department to provide a safe working environment for all employees through safety training, supply and maintenance of personal protective equipment in compliance with OSHA laws, and routine equipment testing.