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                                                  Area Law Enforcement and Retail Team  

A.L.E.R.T. is a program intended to establish a partnership between Law Enforcement and the retail community. The goal is to protect each business, combat crime, get cases solved, and have criminals prosecuted.   This can be accomplished through establishing lines of communications between the various businesses with one another, and with the Police Department.

Many people believe that organized retail crime is a “big city” issue. In reality, it is a problem everywhere regardless of the size of the community. Smaller cities and towns are deliberately targeted because criminals think that smaller communities are unaware & unprepared.

Organized and random retail crimes accounted for $35 Billion in loss to retailers in the United States last year. Ultimately, it is the consumer that pays for this loss, in part, through higher prices.

To participate in the ALERT program only requires each business to provide the Police Department with an email address (or addresses) and a contact person. The Police Department will send out tips and alerts to try to keep the businesses informed of any crimes, patterns, or threats that are affecting the business community. 

Members may also come to our A.L.E.R.T. meetings to learn more. It’s always free.  You have nothing to lose a lot to gain!  

                                LETS ALL WORK TOGETHER FOR A SAFER COMMUNITY!!

For more information about A.L.E.R.T. contact Lieutenant William Watkins by calling (615) 384-8422,
ext 231 or