Energy Saving Tips

Here are some energy saving tips to remember:

-Turn thermostat to 76 degrees in summer; 68 degrees in winter
-Run ceiling paddle fans on medium, blowing down in summer, and low blowing in winter.
 -Turn off small appliances when not in use.
-Close shades and drapes during the day to keep heat out during summer.
-Close shades and drapes at night to keep heat in during winter.
-Turn computers and monitors off when not in use.
-Only run dishwasher when fully loaded. Clean your dryer lint trap before each load.
-Replace incandescent bulbs with (CFL) compact fluorescent lighting or LED lighting.
-Turn off lighting when unnecessary.
-Clean refrigerator coils annually.
-Use outdoor security lighting with a photocell and or motion sensor.
-When buying appliances, buy energy star.
-Tune up your HVAC equipment annually.
-Seal ducts that run through the attic, crawl space, unheated basement or garage.
-Change HVAC filters monthly (suggest replacing when you receive your electric bill).
-Install a programmable thermostat. pre-programmed settings can save you money throughout the year.
-Eliminate air leaks by adding insulation to your home.
-Replace older windows with newer more energy-efficient ones or add storm windows.
-Use a cover on your kitchen exhaust fan and close the flue damper on unused fireplaces.
-Delay baking, using the dishwasher, or doing laundry to early morning or evening.
-Unplug items no longer being used.
-Never touch or go near fallen wires, even it you think they are safe. 
-Avoid planting trees under power lines.
-Call us before you trim any trees near power lines.
-Call 811 before you plant trees or shrubs.
-Never fly kites or model airplanes near power lines.
-Always be aware of power lines when using a ladder or installing antennas.

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