Operations & Maintenance

The most troublesome area for the operation and maintenance of an overhead distribution system is trees.  Springfield Electric recently extended the tree trimming contract to a year-round contract in order to avoid falling behind in the summer months.  In 2017, we also added a second tree trimming crew from July to December.  This has allowed the department to catch up on some problem areas and has paid off in reduced outages from storms.  Tree trimming, however, will always be a full time job.

To combat common outages due to wildlife (squirrels, birds, etc.) we have been aggressively installing squirrel guards on transformer bushings, replacing bare copper wire on transformers with neoprene coated copper.

The department maintains a rigid substation maintenance program.  This program provides reliability at the heart of the system, the substation, through scheduled preventive maintenance of all major components including power transformers, voltage regulators, and circuit breakers.  This will eventually be extended to include line equipment such as gang switches, oil switches, and reclosers.

All maintenance and testing work must be performed in conformance with the National Electrical Testing Association (NETA) requirements.  As a minimum, all operations and construction practices must conform to the National Electric Code (NEC), and the National Electric Safety Code (NESC). Other codes and agencies govern the department's operations in whole or in part including the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

SED completed replacement of all older 15 kv circuit breakers at our substations.  The new breakers are more responsive and reliable, and are equipped with electronic relays which provide useful detailed information on currents, voltages and operation history.  
                                     NEW PROJECTS

Springfield is a growing city, and the electric system must grow with it.  The department is constantly busy with new projects that accompany a growing community.  Springfield Electric is happy to be able to play a vital role in any project that strengthens the industrial, social, or economic base of the community.  These are our recent projects:

    • Line relocation on Tom Austin Hwy for TDOT road widening project.
    • New Subdivisions served or expanding: Village Green Phase 2, Timberlake Estates,Oakland Farms, Saddlebrook, Sleepy Hollow
    • New commercial and industrial services: Kroger, Kroger Shoppes, Holiday Inn Express, MLK Park, Electrolux expansion, permanent lighting/electrical additions to J. Travis Price Park, Mt. Denson Pumping Station, South Haven Church addition
    • AMR/AMI Pilot