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Cheerleader Registration Form

  1. Payment

  2. Registration Fee


  3. Springfield Jr. Pro Cheerleading

    Note: Birth certificate required at the time of registration.

  4. Do you have any other children involved in Springfield Jr. Pro Football or Cheerleading?

  5. If yes, what age group?

  6. Does your cheerleader need to be in the same age group as the football player?

  7. Do you live within the Springfield City Limits?

  8. Would the Parent or Guardian be interested in coaching?

  9. In consideration of the City of Springfield allowing the use of their facilities for my son/daughter to participate in cheerleading, I hereby agree to hold the City of Springfield and it’s officials as well as the coaches harmless for any injuries received or medical treatment given to my son and/or daughter as a result of his or her participating in games, practices, or traveling to or from the games or practice sessions. I am aware of the risks associated with this sport and on behalf of my minor child or ward, assume the risk of injury.

    I further agree to furnish any medical insurance for my son/daughter for injuries received as a result of his or her participation in the Springfield Jr. Pro Football League.

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