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June 1, 2015

The Police Department is investigating an armed robbery that occurred at Tennessee Quick Cash
located at 904 Memorial Blvd.
On Friday May 29, 2015, at approximately 9:16 PM, a black male armed with a handgun approached
an employee as she exited the building at closing, while she was walking to her vehicle. 

The suspect forced the employee back into the business and demanded money from the safe. He fled from the business after taking an undisclosed amount of money.   The suspect was last seen running toward the rear of the business.

No one was injured during the incident. 
The suspect is described to be 5’10 to 6’0 thin build, wearing black pants, black long sleeve shirt, black gloves, white colored mask, and black shoes with red bottom sole, armed with a black semi-auto handgun. 
The Police Department encourages businesses to have more than one employee at closing during the evening hours and at night.  Suspects are less likely to confront multiple people… a lone victim appears more vulnerable.   
When closing, if employees are uncomfortable or if they have observed something that makes them concerned for their safety, then they are welcome to contact the Police Department and request an
escort to their vehicle or the bank.  If a patrol unit is available to do so, then a patrol unit will be
dispatched to provide a safe escort for the employees. 
In some cases, all officers may be busy with other calls and unavailable for escorts.  If this is the
case, the employees will have the option of waiting for an available unit, or canceling the request. 
Anyone needing assistance may call Central Dispatch at 615 384-4911 or 615-382-6863.  
Please take any reasonable precautions to safeguard your property, and contact the Police Department
to report any suspicious activity. 

Please contact me if you have any questions. 
Lt. William Watkins 
615-384-8422 X 231