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Springfield Municipal Code


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Ordinances Not Yet Codified


The City of Springfield updates the Springfield Municipal Code once every calendar year.  This means that some ordinances approved during the past year may not yet be included within the relevant title and chapter of the Springfield Municipal Code.  Please click on one of the following un-codified ordinances to read it in its entirety.

Ordinance 18-02 Beer Minimum Distance from Church or School

Ordinance 18-03 Amend Section 11-201A - 11-510 of the Zoning Ordinance
Ordinance 18-04 Anti-Noise Regulations
Ordinance 18-06 Amending Title 8 Chapter 2 "Beer"
Ordinance 18-11 Amending Title 12, Chapter 1 "Modifications to the Residential Building Code"
Ordinance 18-15 Temporary Food Vendor Regulations
Ordinance 18-16 Parades & Special Events