Burglar & Fire Alarms

Burglar & Fire Alarms
The Springfield Police and Fire Department encourage citizens and businesses to have alarm systems to protect their families, employees and properties.  However, it is important to maintain the alarm systems and educate family members and employees to avoid false alarms.  The purpose of alarm registrations and eventual fees are intended to encourage citizens and businesses to maintain their systems and educate their people.

The City of Springfield requires that all burglar and fire alarms be registered with the Police Department.  The City allows each owner of an alarm up to three (3) false alarms in a calendar year.  After the third false alarm, each successive false alarm within the calendar year will result in the alarm owner being assessed a twenty-five ($25.00) service charge. The  false alarm ordinance (PDF) may be accessed on-line by returning to the City of Springfield Home Page and clicking on City Ordinances, Title 11, Chapter 3 of the City of Springfield Municipal Code addresses false alarms. 

You may access the applications at the below link.  The registration fee is $25.00 for two years however, the fee is pro-rated.  Please contact Deborah Hyde or
Laurie Pack at 615/384/8422 for the correct fee or if you have any questions.
Burglar and Fire Alarm Registration form (PDF).