Electric Department

Springfield Electric Department is a locally owned municipal electric system which provides electric service to customers within the Springfield City limits. The Electric Department has operations and maintenance responsibilities for 161 miles of distribution lines and five substations. All system engineering, operations, marketing and plant accounting is performed at the Administrative office at 1000 Central Avenue West.  Meter reading and billing are handled in the Utility Services Department.  The Department constructs most facilities with its own employees.  The system serves approximately 6,900 residential and 1,300 commercial and industrial electric customers currently served by Springfield Electric.  The Department has employees on standby twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days a week to ensure prompt response to interruptions or emergencies. Annual revenue from electric sales excess $28.5 million.  Total power cost is approximately $24.5 million.  Springfield Electric has a peak load of 63 megawatts and 329,477,000 kilowatt-hours consumed annually.  Springfield Electric Department's electric rates are currently the lowest in middle Tennessee.

Springfield Electric Logo
  • Celebrated Centennial June , 2005
  • Incorporated July 20, 1905
  • Original power plant located at Driveway & Branch Ave.
  • System run by 3-member utilities commission. BMA was Charles E. Bell, G.A. Henry, J.D. Barnes, J.C. Empson, C.T. Tanner
  • System Cost $24,851; Capacity 300 KW
  • 17 electric customers and 2 miles of line in 1905
  • Electric rate was 14 cents /kwh
  • Purchased power from TEPCO 1913-1941 using city plant backup
  • Purchased Power TVA from 1941 to present
  • Managers of Springfield Electric Department
  • G.B. Shawyer 1911-1921
  • J.E. Hightower 1921-1934
  • Bob Nixon 1934-1952
  • W.R. "Chic" Holland 1952-1956
  • Royce Williams 1956-1988
  • Ralph Jarrell 1988-1994
  • Robert Gardner 1994-present
  • 5 Substations, 161 miles of line
  • Over 8,200 customers
  • 22 employees and contactors
  • Systems capacity 210 MW
  • Peak load 69 MW August 2007
  • Sold 329,477,000 kwh in 2014
  • $24,851,490 in assets
  • Rates among lowest in State of Tennessee
Among the most significant system improvements planned for the coming year:

  • Pole replacements in major transmission line along 431S & Batson Parkway
  • Upgrade of substation transformer at Mt. Denson Substation
  • Automated Metering pilot project to improve accuracy of meter reads and system loading data
  • Replacement of old traffic signals
  • Rebuilding an abandoned distribution line purchased from Cumberland Electric from Industrial Drive & Josephine Street to the fairgrounds to improve reliability to North Industrial Park and businesses on Hwy 41 N
  • Replacing traffic light heads with LED signals